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This study examined quality assurance indicators and academic staff productivity in public universities, Lagos State, Nigeria. Five hypotheses guided this study with the adoption of correlational research designs: A multistage (simple random, disproportionate and convenient) sampling technique was used in selecting 320 participants for the study. Data were collected through a questionnaire titled “Quality Assurance Indicators and Academic Staff Productivity Questionnaires (QAIASPQ)" The instrument was validated through the face and content validity and was found reliable through the test re-test reliability technique at 0.75 coefficient. The data collected were analysed using Pearson’s Product-Moment Correlation Coefficient. The hypotheses formulated were tested at 0.05 level of significance. The findings showed there was a significant relationship between quality monitoring and evaluation and academic staff productivity, between instructional supervision and academic staff productivity, between staff quality control and academic staff productivity, between school facilities and academic staff productivity, and between minimum academic standard and academic staff productivity in public universities in Lagos State. The study concluded that academic staff productivity can be achieved if quality assurance indicators are put in place. This study, therefore, recommended that the quality assurance indicators should be adopted and sustained by university management and government to promote academic staff productivity in public universities in Lagos State, Nigeria.


Quality Assurance Indicators Academic Staff Productivity Quality Monitoring and Evaluation Instructional Supervision Staff Quality Control School Facilities Minimum Academic Standard

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Gbesoevi, E. S., Adeleke, A. A., Koshoedo, S. N., & Odelana, O. J. (2023). Quality Assurance Indicators And Academic Staff Productivity In Public Universities, Lagos State, Nigeria. Benin Journal of Educational Studies, 28(1), 1–14. Retrieved from