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Teaching job demands and resources must align with each other if attrition incidence motivated by job demands and resources is to be stemmed. This paper discusses the job demands and job resources Influence on teaching staff attrition in universities in southwest Nigeria. One research question was raised to guide the study’ one hypothesis was formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. The population of the study comprised all the teaching staff in the universities in South West Nigeria, from the assistant lecturer level to the professorial level in the public and private universities in the 2018/2019 academic session. A checklist and a questionnaire were used to collect data while attrition rate, ANOVA, and multiple regression were used for the analysis. Data were collected through the stratified sampled population and analyzed using percentage statistic multiple regression and ANOVA. The situation analysis of teaching staff attrition was looked at from the perspective of stayers, movers and leavers due to the level of availability of job resources and quality of job resources influence on teaching staff attrition.


Job demands Job resources Teacher’s attrition

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Ogundeyi, O. S., & Owah, B. O. (2023). Teaching Job Demands, Job Resources And Teachers’ Attrition Incidence In Universities In South West Nigeria. Benin Journal of Educational Studies, 28(1), 71–77. Retrieved from